Welcome to the second webpage about me!

My name is Samantha Chalmers, and I am a first year student in Engineering. I am currently in Textile Engineering, and I chose that discipline because I've always been interested in working with fabrics and design. More recently I've become interested in sports materials, so companies like Nike and Adidas interest me greatly. I hope to go into either the Product Engineering or Information Systems concentrations under Textile Engineering.

I do not currently have a job, but I did work at a grocery store while in high school. I will be applying to be an Engineering Ambassador for next year, and I hope to do that through the rest of my time at NC State, along with co-ops and internships. As of right now, my dream job would be to work for a successful clothing brand or company designing new types of fabrics.

A picture of Samantha

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A list of my top 4 most interesting classes at NC State:

  1. MA 241 - Calculus II
  2. MA 242 - Calculus III
  3. TE 105 - Intro to Textile Engineering
  4. PY 205 - Physics I
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