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I am Keith Markham, a junior transfer in Materials Science and Engineering. I originally intended to major in physics but decided I was interested in a more applied approach. Materials science is a broad field, impacting every engineering discipline in the selection and design of materials. Advances in materials are fundamental to new capabilities and tehnologies, and I intend to pursue a pHD in Materials Science so I can participate in that effort.

I currently work in the Cuomo research group in the MSE department. I design and perform experiments involving catalysis and synergystic chemistries. My current projects include a robust method for contactless resistivity measurement of non-equilibrium quaternary systems, growth of high surface area aluminum nano-structures, and reduction of CO2 to useful products. I also perform general tasks including weekly safety reviews, ordering supplies, and maintaining cleanliness of the lab.

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My favorite classes:

  1. Currently taking MSE 301, Thermodynamics
  2. Currently taking MSE 335, Materials Lab
  3. Will be taking MSE 370, Inorganic Materials
  4. Will be taking MSE 460, Microelectronic Materials

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