This page is about me if you care to know.

My name is Sam O'Connor, and I'm in the First Year College. This doesn't mean that I don't know what I want to do with my life. I'm pretty sure I want to be an Agricultural Engineer someday. If you don't know what an Agricultural Engineer does, I shall tell you. An Agricultural Engineer is pretty much a cross between a Civil Engineer and a Mechanical Engineer. They work from water drainage to tractor making. I want to engineer better, more sustainable agriculture that will reduce negative externalities (do you even Microeconomics bro?).

My favourite hobby would be spelling things in the British style. Like spelling tire like tyre and pronouncing "aluminum" like "aluminium". Actually, I just made that up, that's not even a legitimate hobby. I like dolphins, go-carts, surfing, popping bubble wrap, and my Mom. She's pretty great(pictured below).


Dogs will rule the world

They will rip the heads off cats

Then they will take naps


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How to make a Grilled Cheese Hamburger:

  • Step 1: Get out all the ingredients which are cheese, hamburger, any type of bread, lettuce, spicy brown mustard, tomatoes, butter, deli ham, pickles, and ketchup.
  • Step 2: Make two grilled cheese sandwiches with ham and tomato in it.
  • Step 3: Cook up that hamburger and place it in between the two grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • Step 4: Place any condiments you want on that delicious culinary creation.
  • Step 5: Eat it with Ruffles and a pickle, and then thank me for the idea and heart disease.
  • Class Expected Grade
    E115 Satisfactory
    MA111 94
    Econ201 88