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Sidd's Corner

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My name is Siddhartha Kollipara and I am a student at NC State. My major is Biomedical Engineering in the school of engineering. I chose my major because I have always admired those that help others in health care service, like doctors and nurses. My goal is to become a professional that can give back to the community to the best of my ability. I also know that I will have fun while I'm at NC State!
I think that NC State does not have to compete with Franklin Street during Halloween. Instead NC State should offer different types of festivities then Franklin Street to draw those that don't enjoy the atmosphere of Franklin Street. By trying to be different, I think that NC State can establish its own traditional halloween festival status. Personally I like spending Halloween with my friends more than any festivities hosted by either NC State or Franklin Street. I'm sure I will go to both atleast once before I graduate.

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My Favorite Website

My top 5 favorite college football teams

  1. NC State
  2. Iowa State
  3. Iowa
  4. Ohio State
  5. UNC
Class Grade
MA 141 A
PY 205N A
EC 205 A
E 101 A
E 115 A
PE 249 A
SOC 202 A