Welcome! Here is everything to know about me.

Hi! My name is Samantha Ralph and I am sophmore, or second year student, at NC State University. I am interested in making Environmental Engineering my major by the end of this year. The reason I am interested in Environmental Engineering is because I have always been strong in math and science, as well as creative. The science I am most interested in is Environmental Science, so it made sense to combind my two strengths and choose Environmental Engineering.

My dream job would be an Environmental Engineering because I wanted to deal environmental problems in a progessive way. One of the main goals of an Engineer is to problem solve, and I would like to innovate new ways to reduce our effect on the environment. For example, waste water management and construction zones are a large part of environmental issues in the US, so I would like to formulate more effective means to reduce pollution in both areas.

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  1. HESS 239 - Self Defence
  2. ES 100 - Introduction to Environmental Sciences
  3. MA 305 - Introduction to Linear Algebra
  4. HESS 251 - Archery
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