Welcome to the Story of Samantha

My name is Samantha Labertew and I am a Freshman at North Carolina State University. My major is Industrial Engineering because I enjoy math and science. I chose Industrial specifically because I enjoy the social and business aspect of the career. I look forward to make machines and technology more efficient. Engineering is also a secure and well-paid job.

My favorite hobby is dancing. I have never taken dance classes but I have rhythm and am I fast learner, therefore, it comes naturally. I go to clubs every week to dance with my friends and I learn dances online. Dancing relaxes me and allows me to have fun. Dancing also is a workout, so when I need to workout, I just do Zumba and dance.

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  1. Spread yellow mustard on two slices of bread
  2. Put warm black forest ham and oven-roasted turkey on the bread
  3. Cook bacon and place on the meat with some colby jack cheese
  4. Rinse some lettuce and put on the sandwich
  5. Put the top piece of bread on and enjoy
Class Expected Grade
Physics 205 C
Calculus 242 A
English 101 A
My hobby