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Hello Everyone! My name is Sammie Brown and I am currently attending North Carolina State Universityin the class of 2017. Currently I am in Exploratory Studies, but I want to major in mechanical engineering. I am interested in becoming a mechanical engineer because I like problem solving and applying math to everyday life.

Currently I am not working, but I do have a dream job. As you may have guess, my dream job is to become a mechanical engineer since it seems like a occupation that would suite me and my talents. In addition, this is also my dream job because I like to travel to different places and engineers tend to do that. I plan on doing the best I can to get get this job and one day I will reach my goal to become a mechanical engineer.

My 5 Most Classes

Clubs Club Websites
National Society of Black Engineers "www.nsbe.org"
Union Activities Board "www.orgs.ncsu.edu/uab"