Another Trace of Myself on the Internet, Thanks to yet ANOTHER class

A Picture of Sarah

Hello!! This is a demonstration of my HTML skills, with some fluff so you can learn a bit more about me. If you've landed here, it's proabably to grade it (Natalie). Unless you're Kendall, and you're creeping on my website when you should be doing Calculus. Regardless, welcome!

My name is Sarah Crandell and I am a Biological and Agriculutral Engineering major with a concentration in Environmental Engineering. I recently switched from being an Environmental Engineering major because with this major I can do more field work. The curriculum for Bio and Ag also contains more technical courses, so I will inevitably get more out of my education this way.

I do not have a particular dream job, only dream fields. I'm incredibly intersted in Sustainable Agricultral practices. I'd love to work for a company that builds things like vertical farms or develops new practices. Sustainable ecosystem maintainence is also a field I would love to work in. I know Kimley Horn has a department for this, and after visiting their introduction meeting it's quite appealing to me.

Interesting Courses