This is a webpage designated for me to give a little bit of information about who I am.

My real name is Strata Lee Faddis III. I am a freshman at NC State Univeristy and as of right now I am in the First Year College. What I want to study in the future in Industrial Engineering with a focus in business. I chose this major because I want a job in engineering just because of the demand and job security. I chose Industrial Engineering in particular because I think I would be better suited to deal with people and business has always been a fascination of mine. I like people and think I would be a good fit for that. I want to be the middle man between the genius engineers and the people who are the faces of the departments/companies.

My favorite animal right now is the cheetah. This is because many different things but a quality I really like is speed and cheetahs are like the fastest animals out there. Also they are deadly and super cool to look at. I chose these over a lion because they are faster and have spots. Honestly I like the word cheetah better than lion also. The lion is my second favorite that's why I said that. The cheetah is very pretty.

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1. Get some dough and spread it out approximately 12 inches in diameter.

2. Spread marinara sauce all over the top.

3. Put cheese and all the other ingredients on top of the spread out sauce.

4. Put in oven at 450 degrees for 15 minutes or until cheese is golden on top.

5. Take out and cut into 8 slices and let cool.

6. Enjoy!

Class Expected Grade
Physics205 93
USC102 93
Econ205 90

Pretty Cheetah