*Welcome to a page all about me! This page is all about me and my life at college.*

My name is Samantha Fasciolo, and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I intend to major in Computer Science because I love coding and working with computers. I am interested in coding games or working with AI in the future. If I don't get into the computer science department, I plan on majoring in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in coding.

Before coming to NC State, I worked at Kumon, a learning center for students. Each day, students would come in a work on reading and math skills at or above their age level. My job was to work with 5 through 10 year olds on grammar, arithmetic, vocabulary, and comprehension.

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Classes I am interested in taking

  1. ARS 306: Music Composition Computers
  2. MUS 260: History of Jazz
  3. HESS 251: Target Archery
  4. PP 232: Big Data in Your
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