Shane Gainan, GIS 515 Cartographic Design Project 3
North Carolina State University: Fall 2017
North Carolina Black Bear Harvest Analysis
Cartographic Design
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A little-known fact about North Carolina is that it is one of the best States in the United States to hunt black bear. Over the years, as with many animals including deer, turkey, and black bear the populations were extremely low by the 1900's due to over hunting and no wildlife management controls.

However, todays wildlife management practices have systematically allowed the populations of all wildlife in North Carolina flourish yet allowing some of the best hunting opportunities in the United States. Black Bear have been among the most successful comeback stories of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission with the establishment of bear sanctuaries and the well managed hunting opportunity.

This site takes a look at the harvest reports from the NCWRC from 2010 to 2016. With the incremental increase of each year’s harvest reports you can also determine the trends of growth and the territory that black bear now cover in North Carolina compared to data prior to 2010.

Source Note: Black Bear Photo's are open source photos of black bears taken google images.
Source Note: Black Bear Photo's are open source photos of black bears.
Occupied Range image source:
More information on Black Bears in North Carolina, including the expansion map from 1971 - 2010 can be found at here.

Below, you can see through hunting black bear in North Carolina it assists NCWRC track the expansion of Black Bear across the state by reported harvests from across the state. The 2016 Harvest map below shows the expansion through reported harvests since 2010 to 2016 covering 79 of 100 counties of North Carolina.

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