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Greetings! My name is Samantha Gall and I am currently a freshman at NC State hoping to CODA into Chemical Engineering. Upon recent introspection, I have been considering adding a second major of Chemistry while still completing a minor in Spanish. I am pursuing this dual degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering because it is my goal to one day work in Research and Development at a pharmaceutical company such as GSK or Merck.

Currently, I am an employee of the grocery store Harris Teeter. I became an employee of Harris Teeter in May of 2017, at which time I worked part-time as a cashier. This job has taught me important communication and problem solving skills. I have recently begun to pursue an on campus job as an Resident Advisor which will allow me to become a more involved presence in student life at NC State.

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  1. CH 201
  2. MA 242
  3. FLS 102
  4. E 115

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American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE Website
Alpha Chi Sigma AXE Website