Welcome to my webpage! I hope you are enjoying your day. I want to say thanks for
taking the time out of your day to view my webpage. I really appreciate it.

My name is Shailicia Gerald. I am a freshman. Go class of 2017! I am a computer science
intended but I will make the switch over to computer engineering next semester. I decided to
make the switch since it is considered more hardware, so more hands-on, versus software.It is
also more broad since I will still be required to have some sort of programming knowledge.

I think the upcoming spring break will be my favorite spring break yet. I have signed up to do
ASB, Alternative Service Break, trip with CSLEPS. I am going to Guatemala with 12 other students.
We will be visiting several different cities while we are there as well as doing community service.
This trip will be alot of firsts for me. My first flight without family, my first self-paid trip,
and my first trip to Latin America.

Google Image I LOVE YOUTUBE!
  1. Go to Pizza Hut's Website
  2. Start your order
  3. Type in your address
  4. Create your order
  5. Input payment and contact information
Class Expected Grade
AS121 A
CH101 B+
E115 S
Guatemala Parade