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Hello! My name is Shana Johnson, and I am currently a freshman at NC State University. My intended major is nuclear engineering. I have been interested in this field since I was a sophomore in high school. Nuclear engineering encompasses many of my personal interests, such as energy, space exploration, medical advancements, and more. I personally want to work on building nuclear fuel cells for space shuttles. Yet, I am continually learning about this major here at State and may unlock more interests within the field.

I am originally from the suburbs of Chicago, and pizza is very important there. Therefore, I worked at a pizza place before leaving to come to North Carolina for college. Within that job, I was a cashier, dish-washer, ice cream scooper, waitress, and cook. I learned a lot about multitasking and working with people. I also got a free meal every time that I worked. This was my first job, and although I am not looking into the restaurant business for a career, I do appreciate what I have learned from my time there.

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Society of Women Engineers NCSU SWE Chapter