E115 Homework Assignment

Hi! My name is Sarah Lucas. I am a Freshman here at NCSU and I plan on majoring in BioMedical Engineering. As clichéd as it might sound, I have always been that kid who is very easily mystified by the vast possibilities for medical advancement thus presented by scientific exploration. Yet, for as long as I can remember, I have always been somewhat iconoclastic in my pursuits for medical knowledge as a means of stepping out from underneath the gargantuan shadow presented by my father’s plethora of various dental and medical degrees. While I absolutely adore biology and chemistry, I also harbor a great appreciation for physics and mathematics, and their incredibly useful means of presenting a systematic solution to a chaotic problem. Thus, after much thought, I set my sights on the path of BioMedical Engineering as a means of honing in on the right combination of these skills needed to succeed in the medical sciences.

For the past 10 years of my life I have been actively engaged in the equestrian sport. Yes - horseback riding is a sport, and no - it is absolutely no where near as easy as it may appear; in fact, the apparent ease of the ride is inversely related to the effort required to produce it. Perhaps what I love most about riding is the challenge; no two rides are ever the same. One of my most favorite feelings in the whole entire world in hoping on the back of my horse Bruno, and riding around bareback to the gorgeous backdrop of the sun setting over the mountains. The combination of the inevitable progression of darkness and becoming one with my horse 6 feet off the ground is quite humbling in the sense that it demonstrates how little controll we in all actuality have over our lives. This state of utter bliss is an absolutely incredible experience and is one that I dearly miss here at NCSU.

national geographic issue

    ULTIMATE Post-Run Sammy:

  1. Throw a multigrain waffle (Trader Joe's) into the toaster
  2. Once toasted, cut in half
  3. On one half spread 1 Tbs on fresh ground PB
  4. On the other half spread 1 Tbs of Nutella
  5. Cut a handfull of raspberries in half
  6. Cut up a banana into small slivers
  7. Sandwich the cut-up banana and berries between the the two halves of the waffle
  8. Voila! You have yourself one delicious, yet nutritious, post-workout snack!

My Classes Fall 2014

Class: Expected Grade:
CH 101 A+
CH102 A+
MA 141 A+
E101 A
EC 205 A+
E115 S
HON 243 A

My horse Bruno and I