A little bit about myself:

Hello, I'm Shirley Mendez and I'm currently a freshman and a Computer Engineering intended. I picked Computer Engineering as my desired major because ever since I was little I had always wanted to follow my father's footsteps-he is an Industrial Engineer. I noticed the more I asked questions about engineering the more I became interested in Engineering. During High School I went to a technical school in NYC for their Engineering program and learned about different aspects and disciplines that I had never learned about. It wasn't until my Sophomore year in when I was required to take an Intro to Electrical Circuits class did it convince me that I should study Computer Engineering. During my Sophomore year I learned about binary code and basic circuitry, aside from the side that it was challenging, it kept me interested. It kept me entertained and interested in a field I had once considered at the age of 12-I knew I didn't want to study anything else than Computer Engineering at that point.

My favorite hobby currently is knitting. I know, at first it would be considered boring, but it really isn't. I learned knitting from my grandmother during a vacation in Peru a couple of years ago and since then I have been dedicated to advancing my skills. I like the idea of being able to see your progress and actually creating something based off your knowledge. I started off just knitting scarves and now I'm knitting a cardigan, I hope to be able to knit something more complicated during winter break. Aside from enjoying knitting, I also want to show my grandmother that I appreciate what she taught me many years ago and her time didn't go wasted.

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  1. First, put a bread on the plate.
  2. Second, put a thin layer of mustard on the bread.
  3. Then, put a two layers of ham.
  4. A single layers of lettuce.
  5. Lastly, put another slice of bread on top.
Class Expected Grade
E115 Satisfactory
E144 A
E101 A
MA141 B