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Shiliang long

My Major

I am currently striving for a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at prestigious North Carolina State Universtiy in Raleigh. I am planning to graduate undergrad in May 2020 and my accelerated Masters program in May 2022.

Why I chose the road more traveled....

I chose the road more traveled because the degree will offer me more job offers at a higher level. In an advancing world, many companies need to hire mechanical engineers for their high class machines or drawing schematics for innovative ideas. The generation of millenials are surrounded by ever advancing technology.So in turn, it would be wise to pick a major that would allow myselfs many opportunities to succeed. I intend to make the most of my degree and go work for a high class company such as Northrup Gruman, BMW and many others unnamed. A degree in mechanical engineering is so versitale that you could work in almost any field with any other firm of engineering to co-op a project.