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My name is Stephanie Rohrwasser and I am a freshman. My intended major is chemical engineering. I chose this major because I love science and math.I was somewhat inspired by my dad who also went to school for chemical engineering. I plan on applying to CODA at the end of the semester.

My favorite hobby is soccer. I started playing at the age of five and fell in love with the sport. I play for the club team here at State and it is a lot of fun. I plan on playing for the next four years. I hope to become the president of the club team.

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    How to make a Sandwich
  1. get 2 pieces of bread
  2. crack two eggs into a pan and make wait 3 minutes
  3. toast the bread and add cream cheese
  4. place eggs on bread and enjoy!
Class Grade
MA 241 A
PY 205 B
ENG101 A-