Skylar Ryals' Resume

Picture of Me


I am currently compleating my bachelors in chemical engineering with a minor in art and design and NC State University. My anticipated graduation date is May 2020.


I choose to do engineering becuase of my natural inclination for math and science and passion for problem solving. I decided chemical engineering specifically becuse I've always enjoyed chemistry and learning about the fundemental parts of our world, but mainly becuase I want to work on innovative, up and coming projects that will change lives. I hope to use my degree to produce new products that can improve our lifestyle, whether this is through pharmecuticals, food items, or other chemical concoctions.


Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
Physics with Laboratory PY 205 & 206 Spring 2017
Foundations of Graphics GC 120 Fall 2016
Communications COM 110 Spring 2017