Welcome to my webpage!

Hello! My name is Serena Sauers, and I am a current freshman in the first year engineering program at NC State with an intent to major in civil engineering. I am choosing to major in civil engineering because I have a passion for designing and building structures. This has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, although before I came to NC State I was still deciding on whether to go into the design program for architecture or the engineering program for civil engineering. I chose engineering because I feel that the way that I think is more similar to an engineer, and that I would be more comfortable in the engineering program at NCSU.

After I have my degree in civil engineering, I plan to get my master's degree in sustainable design. Ultimately, with these two degrees, it would be my dream job to work for a firm that improves the design and funtion of buildings to make them more sustainable. I feel that improving buildings' design and function through "green design" is vital for resource conservation in the future, and it is my goal to work for a firm that has this mission.

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Classes that Interest Me:

  1. Sustainable Materials for Green Housing
  2. Recycling to Create a More Sustainable Environment
  3. Civil Engineering Graphics
  4. Mechanics of Solids
  5. Mechanical Proporties of Structural Matter

Clubs that Interest Me:

Club Name Website Link
Engineers without Borders http://www.ewbncsu.org
Club Tennis https://getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/173