My name is Spencer Schlenker. I am a freshman, and I hope to major in Chemical Engineering. I have always wanted to be invloved with chemistry. I chose this major becuase it allows me to combine my love of chemistry with my knack for math!

My favorite hobby is playing strategy games on my PC. These can be RTS games like League of Legends or turn-based games like Sid Meir's Civilization. Both of these games are multiplayer, and I like being able to battle my friends in a way that relies on problem-solving and intellect.





Steps to make da bestest sandwich:

  1. Get some bread
  2. Get some peanut butter
  3. Get some bananas
  4. Get some Nutella
  5. Go crazy


Class Expected Grade
E 115 S
MA 241 A
ENG 101 A

League of Legends Pic!

Thresh, the Chain Warden