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Hello! My name is Sullivan Sellers and I am a sophomore at NC State University. I am currently a chemistry major, but I hope to be changing to computer science in the near future. The reason why I am changing from chemistry to computer science is because I am simply not passionate about chemistry, but I am extremely passionate about computer science. Ever since middle school I have been in love with computers, both the hardware and software aspects of them.

I currently work with the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences has its own information technology department and in that department I am a Technical Support Assistant. The job is through the work-study program so it is a good opportunity to make money while not having to work a ton of hours. I really enjoy the job since it is concerned with things that I am passionate about and want to help people with.

Most Interesting Classes I have Taken/Am Currently Taking

  1. STS323 - World Population and Food Prospects
  2. HI270 - Modern Middle East
  3. REL311 - Introduction to the Old Testament
  4. PSY200 - Introduction to Psychology

Clubs I Am In

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Photography Club Photography Club Website
Red Cross Club Red Cross Club Website