Welcome to my webpage.

My name is Shelton Thurman. I am in the class of 2018.
I am majoring in Pulp and Paper Science with a dual degree
in Chemical Engineering. I chose this major because I come
from a papermill town and they make really good money right
out of college. This degree will allow me to stay in my
hometown and still have a good job.

Back home I like to build things. I had a shop that I
tinker and experiment with whatever interested me that
week. I've built many projects just to test my limits.
My projects ranged anywhere from pneumatics, to chemical,
and to mechanical. I like taking things apart to learn how
they work.

ebay Lowes
  1. Butter Bread
  2. Put on cheese and turkey
  3. Grill sandwich till golden brown
  4. Enjoy
Class Grade
Chemistry 90
Calculus 95
PSE 100
tool box