A Life in White's Shoes

A look at my life

My name is Spencer White. I am a freshman at NC State Universtiy. I am looking at doing Mechanical Engineering. I have always had an interest in Mechanics. Ive learned this from working on my truck.

My favorite hobby has to be competing with air rifle. I was on my MCJROTC's air rifle team for three years and loved it. Our Instructor took us to many different states to see all kinds of areas. We ended up winning the Interservice National Air Rifle Championships. It was the best three years of my life.

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Steps to Making Amazing Cereal

  1. Get some cereal, a bowl and milk
  2. Pour the cearl into the bowl
  3. Then pour some milk in on top
  4. Eat your wonderful creation
Class Expected Grade
Bowling S
Calculus I A
Chemistry 111 B
E115 S
Economics A