Hey all you A-listers, welcome to the tasty truth of GG.

Hey there Manhattan, my name is Savannah Abel in the exciting world of freshman year at none other than NC State. Following the family tradition, I've chosen to delve into the great world of Industrial Engineering. This path has my name embedded into it due to the great similarity with my personality. ISE focuses on organization, efficiency, and innovation within supply chains, ergonomics, and process analysis. In relation to these concepts, I strive to use time efficiently and effectively as well as altering my daily routine with new exercise classes, food, and study environments, to create an ever-changing, improving routine.

I'm so glad you asked about my favorite hobby. Not surprisingly, it is watching Gossip Girl with my suite-mate, Anna. The show draws the audience in with secret scandals, family drama, a high class wardrobe, flaky friends, and last but not least, juicy gossip. At first glance the characters seem shallow, but after further episodes, they develop into complex people with twisted pasts that they want to hide, but all in a different way. Anna and I usually have a girl's night every week and watch a few episodes together over some delicious, chocolatey dessert. This is definitely a hobby to keep up with in addition to some quality girl time.

Gossip Girl Cast My Personal Resume
  1. Toast two pieces of multigrain bread.
  2. Layer on salami, turkey, lettuce, and tomato.
  3. Drizzle on a bit of mayo and a splash of pepper.
  4. Sandwich everything together.
Class Name Grade
Calculus 3 -A
Economics +A
Weight Training S