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This is me

My Education

My name is Sai Macha and I attend North Carolina State University. I intend on majoring in Electrical Engineering after I CODA at the end of this semester. I expect to graduate in 2020.

My future Path

Energy production is one of the most important aspects of modern day civilization. There are many downsides to the technology in place at the current time such as the vast amount of greenhouse gass released. With all these downsides, these methods need to be replaced with energy that is much more efficient. I believe that this need will increase the demand for solar panels and solar energy. My plan is to work in this field and play a key role in overhauling the outdated energy infrastructure.

My Skills

Class Course Title Semester
ECE 211 Electrical Circuits Spring 2018
ECE 220 Analytical Fundamentals of ECE Spring 2018
ECE 301 Linear Systems Fall 2018