Namaste y'all!

Hello to the beautiful human beings reading this page! My name is Shubhesh Mahadeo. I am currently a Freshman (Class of 2021) in the College of Engineering, with no decided major in mind right now. I am planning to do either Civil or Biological Engineering because I love Physics and want to make a difference for the planet using Physics. I am also thinking of minoring in a completely different field, I just don't know which field yet.

I have interesting work experiences, with my favorite one being the time when I used to work in this non-governmental organization known as ELI Africa. I started as a volunteer in the ELI Endemic Roots section of ELI Africa, but got promoted to the ranks of Assistant Project Manager first, then temporary Project Manager within a month. In general, I used to plan and organize different events as well as participate in them.


My favorite classes so far:

  1. PY 205
  2. PY 206
  3. MA 241
  4. CH 102

Organization Name Link
NC State New Student Programs NSP
NC State Global Village AGV