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Paragraph One

My name is Surya Makthal , and I am a freshman looking to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering . Throughout high school, I was always involved in a lot of STEM-based classes and extracurricular activities, from which I developed a strong interest in electronics. Additionally , I am interested in renewable energy, and am looking to pursue the Renewable Electric Energy Systems concentration as well.

Paragraph Two

I am currently unemployed, but that is okay, since I am still only in my first year of college. However, I really want to land an internship this summer in software engineering. I think it would be really cool if my first work experience was something that would be relevant to careers I am thinking of pursuing in the future, and an internship would really help me further develop my technical and professional skills.

Picture of Surya
Interesting Classes I'm Enrolled In
  1. ECE 109: Introduction to Computing Systems and Environments
  2. MA 242: Calculus III
  3. E 101: Introduction to Engineering & Problem Solving
  4. PY 205: Physics for Scientists and Engineers I
  5. HON 202: Inquiry and Discovery in Literature

Clubs that I'm In
Club/Position Website
IEEE - Secretary IEEE @ NCSU Facebook Page
Engineers' Council - Member ECouncil Website