Welcome: Now you get to learn a bit about me

My name is Samuel Mayes. I am a freshman with Sophomore standing entering Computer and Electrical Engineering. I chose this major because I want to work with UAVs after I graduate and I decided that Aerospace Engineering was too heavy on the type of Physics application that I can't stand. CPE allows me to work on robotic hardware and also do coding (which I love). I also just like to tinker with computers.

My favorite hobby would probably have to be woodworking. More specifically it would be guitar building. I started building guitars in 7th grade after my parents bought me a book on it for Christmas. Since then I have made several guitars. Most of which have been semi-hollow electric guitars.

C7 Stingray My biggest time waster (#2 website)

  1. Step 1: Take bacon out of package
  2. Step 2: Cook bacon on the stove in a pan
  3. Step 3: Take fresh ciabata bread out of bag
  4. Step 4: Put the bacon on the bread with turkey and ham
  5. Step 5: Eat the delightful turkey ham and bacon sandwich
Class: Grade:
E115 S
Fortran A+
E101 A
Whitewater Kayacking S
PRS Semi-Hollow Repair