Homework 6

My name is Samuel McAllister.
I am currently a freshman at NC State.
I am a Computer Science major.
I chose this major because I mostly prefer machines than humans, and I like computers so the description fitted well
I hope to graduate on time, and land a job somewhere in the IT world.
Preferably in Silicon Valley because California is the bomb

My favorite hobby is sleeping.
We all know sleeping is important and healthy, however many of us still don't get enough of it.
I chose not to be one of those unhealthy people, therefore I get tons of sleep.
At night, Sleep. After breakfast, sleep. After class, sleep. Sometimes in class, sleep. During the day, sleep.
I'ts not that im lazy, I'm just healthy.

  1. Get dough
  2. Spread dough into pizza shape
  3. Spread tomato sauce
  4. Sprinkle cheese
  5. Place loads of bacon and ham
  6. Place in oven until it's crispy brown
Class Grade
CSC116 B+
EC205 A-
A cute baby sleeping