Welcome to Sam Casciani's Homework 5a Web page

My name is Sam Casciani. I am a freshmen a NC State University with the intended major of Chemical Engineering. I am interested in this major because of my love of chemistry. Ever since my first science class I have been fascinated by the subject with a deep interest in chemistry. Also, this field offers my the possibility of a research and development job which would be fantastic!

My favorite hobby is playing the guitar. It is an excellent way for my to unwind and express myself through music. I do not write many original songs but when I do they are typically of the acoustic nature and sometimes they are more of a heavy metal rock feel. Most of the time I will simply look up different songs to mimic. I rarely preform but if I do, I never sing and always preform in a group. My favorite guitar is my electric Ibanez art core which I worked all summer to save the money up to purchase.

Block S Youtube

How to make my favorite sandwhich!

  1. Spread Mayonnaise on two pieces of bread
  2. Place three pieces of honey roasted ham on the bread
  3. Place one piece of Swiss cheese on top of the ham
  4. Place one piece of provolone cheese on top of the swiss cheese
  5. Add Mustard on top of cheese
  6. Enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
Calculus I A+
Chemistry A+
E115 S
Chemistry Lab A+