My name is Samarth Chokshi and I'm a freshmen at NCSU College of Engineering. I plan to major in Computer Science. One of the main reasons why I chose this major is because computer science jobs are always going to be high in demand. Also, my uncle and brother-in-law encouraged me to pursue this degree because it is truly worth it in the future. I spend most of my time using technology, so I think it is fulfilling to understand how it works.

During my downtime, I like to play video games with my friends. We enjoy playing sports games, like Madden or FIFA. I'm not very good at shooting games, like Call of Duty; I will, however, destroy any challenger in FIFA or Madden. Playing video games helps me relax and relieve stress. I plan on developing my own game when I graduate with a Computer Science degree.

ESPN Time-Wasting

How to Make a Turkey Sandwich:

  1. In a small bowl, mix one tablespoon of Mayo, chili powder, and garlic powder.
  2. Get 4 or 5 thinly sliced honey roasted turkey and two slices of pepper jack cheese.
  3. Spread the mixture of Mayo on two slices of wheat bread.
  4. Add lettuce and tomatoes. You may add Tabasco sauce to make it extra spicy.
  5. Form the sandwich with the turkey, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes!
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 141 A+
CH 101 B+
EC 205 A+
Favorite Hobby