My Life In a Nutshell

Welcome to the Webpage of Sami Circeo. As of right now, I am a Freshman in Chemical Engineering. I chose this major because I enjoy learning Chemistry. Who wouldn't love making reaction that create explosions or colors right in front of you? Hopefully, my major in engineering gets me far in life.

My favorite hobby is gymnastics. I have been a competitive gymnast for 8 years now. I am currently on the NC State Gymnastics team. Gymnastics is a way to keep my mind off of everyday things and focus on something I love to do. I can do all four events; vault, bars, beam, and floor and am training to compete this year.

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  1. Get cheese, butter,bread, buffalo sauce, and chicken and skillet
  2. Heat skillet up and butter a slice of bread
  3. Put rest of ingredients on bread in the following order: cheese, chicken, sauce
  4. Cook on skillet for 3 minutes
Class Expected Grade
Chemistry A
Calculus A-
English A+