Hello, my name is Shaelyn McLamb and I am a meteorology major at North Carolina State University. This is my first semester at NCSU, but since I transferred after earning an associates degree from a community college, I am currently in the middle of my sophomore/junior year. I took an interest in meteorology at the VERY young age of four after Hurricane Floyd decimated the Mid-Atlantic. I watched Hurricane Floyd develop, track up the coast, and tear into eastern North Carolina. As a four year old, watching Floyd develop then observing the damage done by the storm, I was hooked. As I grew older and advanced in my private studies of meteorology, the passion grew into the career choice which I am pursuing today.

My favorite hobby, aside from drooling over weather models in anticipation of a severe weather outbreak, is animal rescue. My experience in animal rescue began when a neighbor found orphaned three-week old squirrel who had fallen from her nest. At the young age of five, I helped my mother care for the squirrel around the clock until the squirrel was old enough to be released back into the wild. After we moved to Maryland's Eastern Shore when I was ten, my family became more involved with animal rescue and became a foster family for two county and two private no-kill shelters, along with caring for occasional wildlife. There was never a dull moment in the household, especially during the Spring and summer months as my bedroom became a nursery for whatever foster we had. Overall, my family averaged about twenty kitten fosters and twenty various wildlife fosters (mostly squirrels) successfully raised, rehabbed, and released/adopted per year. Even though I no longer live at home, my three younger sisters and mother continue their involvement in animal rescue on Maryland's Eastern Shore, one critter (or litter) at a time.