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Greetings, my name is Shelby de Jongh and I am a freshman in the first year engineering college. I intend to major in Electrical Engineering with a renewable energy systems concentration. I also am debating getting an environmental science minor as well. I chose this major because I am fascinated by alternative energy and want to work directly in this field someday. I am very passionate about sustainability and am part of the Ecovillage living learning community here on campus.

I enjoy quite a few hobbies in my spare time. I love to read, Vonnegut and Steinbeck are two of my favorite authors. I am also a big appreciator of music; I am always listening to music. The Beatles are my absolute favorite band and classic rock is one of my favorite genres. I listen to all types of music though, from rap to indie rock. Going to concerts is one of my favorite hobbies as well (when I can afford it).

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  1. Go to Mellow Mushroom
  2. Order the magical mystery tour pie
  3. Make sure to get vegan cheese
  4. Eat until death
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
MA242 A
E101 A