Thank you for taking this time to get to know me better!

My name is Seth Ellington and I am a freshman in the College of Engineering at NC State University. I am thinking about choosing mechanical engineering as my focus because I want learn how to think critically about applied physics. I have multiple engineers in my family, so I have attempted to take their input into consideration as I plan to CODA after next semester. That is my first choice, but I would also consider doing biomedical or maybe even chemical engineering. I like the breadth of expertise offered by both programs, but I do not find some of their courses to be appealing to me.

My favorite hobby is dabbling in music, mostly trying to examine relationships between music theory and instrumental/compositional practice. I began playing clarinet in middle school and switched to bassoon during my 8th grade year, continuing on that instrument all the way through high school. Eventually, I decided to practice the guitar and piano as well while only having a basic skill-set with the drums. The last skill I began honing was my voice--I have found much pleasure in singing in choirs and studying choral music through that. Overall, I have greatly enjoyed using my hobby to serve at my church in various musical groups.

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  1. Go to Papa John's
  2. Ask for a pepperoni pizza
  3. Take the pizza and pay
  4. Put your change in the tip jar (optional)
Class Expected Grade
E 115 S
MA 241 A
E 101 A+