Come again another day!

My name is Sophia Haas. I am a freshman with Chemical Engineering Intent.
I chose Chemical Engineering for its versatility; Chem E has various industrial apllications
including biofuels, polymers, and pharmacueticals. I would love to
work for a cosmetics company like Lancome or even a company like
Johnson and Johnson. I am also considering a minor in business.

I really enjoy reading and painting. Reading extends your imagination and
provides a temporary escape from reality. My favorite genre is fantasy,
because the possibilities are endless. I enjoy painting objects and
figurines rather than canvases. I love being creative with my
painting on christmas ornaments; I have painted Charlie brown,
Squirt from Finding Nemo, Pooh Bear, Perry the Platypus, and many more.

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My Resume!
  1. Go on Pizza Hut's website
  2. Select "Create Your own Pizza"
  3. Select pan pizza, premiuim crushed tomato sauce, green peppers,
    tomatoes, and garlic flavored crust
  4. Enter credit card information and address and click order!

Class Expected Grade
E115 Satisfactory
E207 A
MA141 A

Beautiful Painting