It is I, Spencer Hamm (the dude on the left)

Yo, it's ya boi, Spencer Hamm. I am in the first year engineering program with intent on environmental engineering and I am in the class of 2021. I chose this major because I like the environment and being outside and the changing climate is a threat to that. The job growth and starting pay is good, and who doesn't like makin' that moolah. Also, I don't have to take organic chem as an environmental engineer.

I currently work at Han Dee Hugos #56 on the corner of Gorman and Hillsborough street. I am a cashier and I mostly work the afternoon shift. I started last month and I do not know how long I will stay there, I don't want it interfering with school.

A picture of me looking professional

My Favorite Things:

  1. Chem 101
  2. Climate Change and Sustainability
  3. Chem 102
  4. Run Conditioning

Name of Organization Website
Boxing Club NC State Boxing
Sailing Club NC State Sailing