Welcome NCSU Fam

My name is Scott Harty, I am a Freshman at North Carolina State University in the First Year College Program. My intended major is Computer Science. I want to do Computer Science because I want to be an IT Specialist. My dream job would be working at SAS. I have wanted a job there since my Freshman year of high school.

My favorite hobby/hobbies include anything and everythign sports related. I love watching, playing, and reading about sports. I do not think there is a sport I don't like. I also enjoy playing fantasy football. However, i did poorly twords the end of the season and let all of my winnings slip away Week 16 out of 17.

My Favorite Website

My Resume

How to make my favotie pizza...

  1. roll dough out and put the tomatoe sauce on the dough, but not too much
  2. add cheese
  3. add more cheese
  4. add even more cheese

Class Grade
E115 S
ENG101 B-
MA241 B

fantasy football