Samuel Herring's Resume

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I am currently a freshmen in the first year engineering program at North Carolina State University. I plan to CODA into aerospace engineering at the end of the semester and obtain Bachelor's of Science in this feild. My anticipated graduation date is May of 2020.

Professional Goals

With my degree, I would like to continue to practice some of the subjects I enjoy the most, math and physics, and apply them to an area that I have an interest in. I strive to improve aviation and work on expanding the frontair of human discover by engineering the tools with which we use to explore and travel and to such frontiers.

Skills and Qualities

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
MAE 201 Enginering Thermodynamics I Fall 2018
MAE 361 Dynamics and Controls Fall 2018
MAE 252 Aerodynamics Spring 2018
MAE 208 Engineering Dynamics Spring 2018
MAE 435 Controls Fall 2019