It's Almost Halloween! Homework 5a

Welcome to Fall!

My name is Sierra Holderman, I'm a freshman in Engineering First Year here at State. I plan to CODA into the Biological and Agricultural Engineering program by the end of my Freshman year or the middle of my Sophomore year. I'm a lover of problem solving and, like many others, enjoy getting the single, correct solution to any problem. I enjoy Calculus (yes, enjoy) and find most sciences interesting as well. If I cannot CODA into Bio Engineering I plan to try for the Civil Engineering program.

My favorite hobbies all involve physical activity. I enjoy spending time outside hiking, on the beach or just walking around campus, but I also love to work out and play volleyball. My entire four years of high school revolved around school, my friends and family and playing volleyball, and though I don't play competitively anymore all of those things still remain important to me living at State. I hope to be able to balance these hobbies and being outside with my schoolwork and my friends and family.

Engineering Cat Enjoy!!

  1. Obtain your favorite type of bread.
  2. Pull the jar of nutella from the pantry.
  3. Heat the bread in the microwave/toaster so it's warm
  4. Use a knife to spread the nutella over the warm/toasted bread
  5. Fold the piece of bread in half. (Two halves is too much nutella)
  6. Thank me later.

Class Expected Grade
MA 141 A
USC 298 A
E115 S

Virginia 6A State Champs