Welcome to Sean's Webpage

My name is Sean McDonald. My major is Civil Engineering. I chose this major because I like building things. I hope to build bridges and other structures in the future. Even as a kid I've always been fascinated by buildings

My favorite break is summer break. It is my favorite because it is the longest break of the year. I also like it because the weather is nice during the summer. During summer break there's tons of things to do like going to the beach or the carnival. Even though I enjoy all breaks, summer is my favorite.

ign logo Video games galore

  1. Call Domino's
  2. Tell guy what you want
  3. Yell at him because he did not hear it
  4. Wait for pizza
  5. Give no tip for pizza and only pay half price because guy did not hear order the first time
Course Name Expected Grade
MA241 A-
CH101 A
CH102 A
beach with palm trees