My name is Shane Nichols. This is my webpage.

A picture of myself, Shane

My Major

My major here at NC State University is Computer Engineering. I grew up right down the road. I came here to NC State becuase I like the campus and it is a great school. My Expected Graduation Date is Spring 2020.

Why Computer Engineering

I choose computer engineering because I love working with computers. I grew up around them with my dad working at IBM. I have built computers since 7th grade and have worked in several computer repair shops. Through all of this I learn that I loved and was great with computers. I also found a love for video games and have made that a huge part of my life, even becoming a professional SMITE player for a few teams including Luminosity, Enemy, and Allegience. I would like to use my degree in computer engineering to make the gaming community better. I want to work as a hardware developer and work for Nvidia or another hardware company and make parts that can make gaming look better and run smoother.

Class Course Title Semester
Physics PHY 101 & 102 Fall 2017
Calculus 3 MA 242 Fall 2017
Chemistry CHEM 101 & 102 Spring 2018