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My name is Spencer Otten. I am a freshman at NC State University majoring in computer science. I first thought I might want to major in computer science because I love video games, but the decision was finalized in high school when i took a career test and it came up with programmer. I thought it would be a good fit because I love to work with computers. I hope i actually get into my major because passing the coda is hard.

As I said before, I love playing videogames. Videogames have been a part of my life since i was a wee lad. My first gaming device was a gameboy color. I acquired this divine instrument when i was only 4 years of age. Ever since then this hobby has blossomed into the addiction it is today.



  1. Ordering Pizza
  2. 1. Call Papa John's
  3. 2. Ask for a Pepperoni pizza with extra cheese
  4. 3. Wait for Pizza to arrive.
  5. 4. Pay pizza delivery guy and enjoy pizza.
Class Grade
EC 205 88
MA 241 80
CH 101 75
Fallout 4