Welcome to Spencer's symposium of super sentences!

My name is Spencer Payne and I am a First Year at North Carolina State University. I am planning to double major in Chemical Engineering and Paper Science and Engineering along with a minor in business administration. I chose these because they involve chemistry and problem solving for a whole process. These degrees allow me to do a lot of different tasks from day to day while staying in the same job.

My favorite job that I have had was being a soccer referee. I got to run around, watch soccer, and get paid for it. Being a referee is great for teaching you leadership skills, confidence, and teamwork.

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Most Interesting Classes I Have Taken at NCSU

  1. Calculus III
  2. Physics for Engineers and Scientists I
  3. Fundamentals of Economics
  4. Academic Writing and Research

Clubs That I am Interested in

Club NameWebsite
Table Tennis Clublink