This is Suthawatch's Homework 5a page.
My name is Suthawatch Rajburi. My intended major is Art and Design. I chose this major because in high school I wanted to work in animation. Currently I am also writing and illustration a comic. I have planned out for it focus on three main characters. I also was pushed towards animation from my love for watching the process of making CGI in movies and video games.
My favorite hobby write now is sketching/ short animation. I already said that I am writing and illustrating a comic, but I also experiment with actually animating my characters. I have done short games in the Stencyl game engine and in the Game Maker Studio engine.
My Deviant Art
  1. Prepare two slices of sandwich bread.
  2. Spread mayonnaise on one slice.
  3. Place sandwich meat in the other.
  4. Combine the two halves.
  5. Enjoy the sandwich.
Class Grade
MA141 B
ENG101 B
ANT252 B