Hi There, My Name is Steven. Welcome to this Webpage.

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Computer engineering intent. North Carolina State University. May 2020.

Why Computer Engineering?

For as long as I can remember, computers have fascinated me. Beyond basic use, I was interested in their functionality and examined many recycled components for a better understanding. People typically confuse computer engineering with computer science which, admittedly, makes sense as it is the more popular choice. To me, however, the part that makes computers interesting is the hardware behind it -- and how engineers are capable of iterating upon past technology to update the future of computer technology. With a computer engineering degree I plan on being on the forefront of advancement in the computer world, and hopefully get to experience the next evolution of computing.

Class Course Title Semester
ECE 109 Introduction to Computer Systems Spring 2017
ECE 200 Introduction to Signals, Circuits, and Systems Fall 2017
ECE 209 Computer Systems Programming Fall 2017
ECE 211 Electric Circuits Spring 2018
ECE 301 Linear Systems Fall 2018