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About ME

    My name is Sean M. Tate, and I am 23 years old. I've been going to college for about four years now, and have been to two different  colleges lousburg and NCSU.I plan on majoring in computer science and engineering.I 'm also a a die hard gamer so much so that I have to stop during the week or I wont get any work done, my other great hobby is books. my library is  over seven hundred books large and growing fast, in short I am a total bookworm and proud of it.

    This semester I must admit  that my favorite cores is csc-200.  I love the shotgun approach that gives a wide  overview  of the subject. so far the most intrusting thing we have learned about is the Brain Computer interface. The ability to interact with a computer with just the mind is often seen in sifi, but It was interesting to see it so close to realty. The one thing I would have to say I don't like is the final paper. That is not because the idea is bad, I just hate papers.

Kink to CSC-200

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Vegetables tomato
Fruit strawberry
Grain captain crunch
whole grain cereal
 meats beef
dairy whole milk
goat milk