Welcome to Sara Tonnesen's Page

My Academics

My intended major is Civil Engineering. Within this degree I would like to concentrate in Urban Sustainable Infastructure. I plan to obtain this from NC State University. Hopefully I will be able to graduate with the class of 2020...assuming it all goes as planned.

My Intentions

I would like to use my B.S. in Civil Engineering to help create more sustainable cities. My goal is to move to the West Coast after graduation and have a job working for a company that is interested in designing with the environment in mind. Because of my interest in maths and organization, I would like to eventually have a position that allows me to take a more managerial standpoint and use quantatative analysis to help impliment projects with efficiency.

My Skills and Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus 3 Ma242 Fall 2017
Engineering Mechanics- Statics CE214 Fall 2017
Physics 2 Py208 Fall 2017