This Website Should Earn a 100

My name is Scot Treadway, I am a freshman, and I intend on majoring in nuclear engineering. I'd be lying if I didn't say
that an engineer's salary has nothing to do with it. I also want to because I want to do something that I know I can be proud
of, something that I know will help other people. I also want to make my family proud. My mom is a teacher, my dad drives a
transportation van part time, and almost all of their respective families work in factories. I have the opportunity and ability
to go to college and do more than anyone else in my family was able to. I know they'll be proud of me whatever I do, I just really
want to do something great.

One thing that I have really enjoyed since I was 10 is riding motorcycles. My dad and all of his brothers, as well as their dad,
grew up riding dirt bikes. We have about 9 acres of woods behind our house that me and my dad used to ride around in for years. I
started on an automatic Kawasaki 110 in 5th grade, then got a Honda XR 100 later. That's when I met Rhonda the Honda. Rhonda has
been my girl ever since. Rhonda grew up to a Honda CRF 230 when I was in 7th or 8th grade. Last summer, when I was 17, I took
a motorcycle education class to get my motorcyle license and bought a 2000 Honda Nighthawk 750. I had to sell my dirt bike, but
Rhonda and I agree that we like Rhonda being a road bike better.

Imgur If you'd like to see my resume, click resume.

How to order my favorite pizza

  1. Call Dominoe's
  2. Ask for a supreme pizza without olives
  3. Go pick it up. Don't waste money on a delivery fee.
  4. Give the cashier your money and coupon, because you probably have one if you live at my house
  5. Drive it home and eat it over the next few days.
Class Expected Grade
Pre Chemistry B+
Pre Calc A+
Sociology A
Enviro Science A
E 1010 A+
Economics B+